Monday, November 3, 2008

Slightly Overdue

Another day in Golden Gate Park last weekend, shooting from 70 meters at my target. Not an exciting day, but a good solid showing nonetheless. A few good ends, but I'm still not scoring-round ready. Need to work on my consistency. Something to look forward to in the spring, after a quarter of indoor shooting back in Dedham this winter.

Missed this past weekend because of rain. Don't really want to stand out in GGPark mud getting wet. Could have gone to Pacifica and the indoor range, and if it is still raining this weekend, that's the plan, but instead just took the weekend off. Not really happy about it, but what's done is done.

Looking forward to getting back to full days at the range, even if I only shoot an hour or so. If only there was an ArcheryUSA West...

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