Saturday, November 15, 2008

Getting Out of the Rain

Light rain/heavy mist in San Francisco last Saturday. Not the kind of weather that would normally keep me indoors. But I did not want to stand out in the park in the rain without knowing that 1. it would not get heavier, and 2. I would definitely get one of the concrete lanes.

So instead, I collected a shooting partner/benefactor and went on down to Pacifica Archery. Spent most of an hour pumping arrows into the wall. My first indoor shooting since leaving Boston. Good timing, too, since I am just a few weeks from heading back to Boston and ArcheryUSA.

Not a bad day. Had some good ends. Had some frustrating ones, too. But overall a good reentry into indoor shooting. Takes some adjustments to go from 70 meters down to 18, but once I'm back in the swing of things it should be fine.

Weather looks like it should be pretty good tomorrow, so the plan is to be back in GGPark shooting at a distant target.

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