Saturday, November 22, 2008

One Last Round in the Park

I did make it out to the range today, my last trip to the GGPark range before heading back to Boston. It was crowded in the park, but I did have a lane to shoot on. It was not measured, though, so I was approximating 70 meters based on the archer in the next lane over. Shot pretty well, though. Some pretty decent ends, putting all 3 arrows in 80 cm scoring rings from 70 meters multiple times. On the downside, I did destroy another couple of vanes, so I'll have to do some reconstruction when I get back to the range in Boston.

In the next lane over, another archer was shooting an Inno from 70 meters. It was a little nervewracking to see him aiming, since from that distance, at such a narrow angle, he could just as easily have been aiming at me. But watching the arrow fly was thing of beauty. You just never get to stand that close to a flying arrow.

There was one frustrating thing on the range today. On one of the paved, measured lanes, a guy was flying a model helicopter. Now I have nothing against model helicopters. I'm all for flying them around. It is just that there are plenty of open spaces all over Golden Gate Park. There is no need to stand in the middle of one of the two paved (and one of the three measured) lanes on the archery range to do it. Take it somewhere else, buddy.

Came home after shooting, and finally decided to replace the latches on my case. Got the old ones removed without incident, but the new latches proved to be a bit of a problem. I could not get the screws to go in straight (or completely). Taking the case back to the locksmith on Monday. Hopefully they can fix the problem and get the latches secured, since I have to fly with the case locked on Tuesday.

But that's a different problem for a different day. Today is about a good and satisfying trip to the range.

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