Saturday, October 18, 2008

Target Practice

Went down to Pacifica Archery before heading over to the range in GGPark. Walked in and asked for a 122 target, but taking one look at the beast that is the 122, I realized that there was no way that would work. It was just too big. The thing would not even fit on the target butt at the range. So instead, I got an 80 cm target. This does a few things. First, it lets me fit the the target on the target butt, making it usable. Second, it saves me a couple of dollars (80s cost 4 where 122s cost 6; hey, every little bit helps!). Third, it makes me tighten things up even further. Someone once told me, when I was trying to shoot 40s instead of 60s at 18 meters, that the center is still the center, and the same holds true at 70 meters. So, if I can learn to shoot well at 70 meters on a 80, imagine how I'll do when I get a 122 out there.

After a stop for a bottle of water, I drove out to the park along the Pacific. A great drive on a beautiful San Francisco day. Drove up to the range, put my bow case down at the 70 meter mark, and walked out to the target butt. I dropped my pen at the end of the lane and put up the target with the pins. Then I walked back down the lane and set up my bow.

First end gave me a 10 and a couple of less than stellar shots. Next four ends (12 arrows) all ended way low on the target. So I finally got around to lowering the sight. The next six arrows were in a horizontal line across the center of the target. In other words, I nailed my vertical alignment, but my horizontal alignment still needs some work. Maybe some v-bars would help. Something to look into this winter when I'm back on the east coast and at Archery USA.

The final end all landed high, but I still felt pretty good about the day. First time shooting at a target at 70 meters, and I didn't completely embarrass myself. Started to figure out the system, and now I just have to fine tune the thing.

Also at the range, helped a couple of guys out, telling them they were shooting with the wrong eye. Reminded me of a day at Archery USA when I could help people out while doing my own shooting. Perhaps I'll go for the instructor's certification this winter, too. In my spare time (Ha. Ha. Ha.).

And when I got home from the range, waiting for me at the back door, was a new set of latches and keys for my case from SKB. And a set of wheels. Don't know why they sent me a set of wheels, but I'm sure I can find some way to use them some day. But the latches are definitely good to have.

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