Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Flights, Returns, and Repair Jobs

Three airports, six different security policies, nine kinds of weather, and two coasts later, I have arrived back in Boston with my bow in tow. Dragged it up the stairs to my new apartment, where it promptly sat on the floor for a week while classes started and I got settled. It did make an appearance to show off to my new landlord/roommate, who is interested in learning how to shoot (and made it a condition of my rent that I teach her), but other than that, the case sat in the corner of my room, sitting there, waiting.

Saturday, I returned to Archery USA. Walking down the sidewalk outside the windows, Anthony saw me, and pointed at me as his jaw dropped. Spent the next few hours at the range, back to my usual Saturday tricks.

I finally got around to a much needed repair job on my arrows. I now have 8 newly re-fletched, top-flight condition arrows ready to go. Given the condition of my arrows when I started the repair job, I had enough vanes for 9 arrows, but only enough tape for 8 of them. So at this point, the next time I have to do a repair job on my arrows, I will need to buy a new set of vanes. Another chance to pick colors for my archery set. Taking suggestions as they come.

I did actually shoot on Saturday as well. About a half hour, around 36 arrows (in double ends). Shoulder got tired near the end, and a little sore yesterday, but I'm attributing that to other factors besides shooting. I might even try a scoring round this week. Just one, though. Not quite ready for a tournament double yet.

So I have arrived for my last tour of duty in Boston. The range is still standing, and I feel as welcome there as I did before my west coast hiatus.

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