Saturday, August 30, 2008

Archery for Second Graders

So last November, I did a little archery presentation for a second grade class in San Mateo. I took my (old) bow in, set it up, talked a little bit about this history of archery ("We think of these as toys and recreation now, but for centuries they conquered the world"), and showed them everything except actually shooting an arrow (not a good idea in a classroom).

I got an email from their teacher yesterday. Apparently, my presentation was a good one. One of the kids in the class has taken up archery. I got myself a little convert. Feels pretty good. Maybe I'll run into him at Pacifica or the park.

My friend the teacher took some pictures during the presentation. Unfortunately, a lot of them were taken with me in mid-word. Got a couple of fun ones, though, of me and a second grader holding a bow that is WAY too big for her.

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