Sunday, August 10, 2008

2008 Olympic Archery, Part 1

I am watching the China vs. Korea team archery competition at the Olympics, and trying to see what equipment they use. It looks like both teams are using Samick limbs, and presumably Samick risers as well. My old bow was a Samick. I am a little surprised the Koreas are not using Win&Win bows, but I should admit I am at least a little biased.

I'm seeing Beiter clickers (like mine), and Shibuya Ultima RC Carbon sights (like mine). Broader view confirms the Shibuya sight. Close up also confirms the Beiter clicker, or at least the same style as my Beiter clicker.

I can't tell what the arrows are. They are definitely carbon with spin wings, but no real way for me to identify the type with what they are showing on TV.

What an amazing thing to see excited crowds at an archery competition.

All six shooters are right eye dominant, or at least shooting right handed.

And shock of shocks (unless you know anything about the sport), the women from South Korea win the gold medal.

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