Monday, August 11, 2008

2008 Olympic Archery, Part 3

Watching the women's 1/32 and 1/16 elimination rounds. Finally figured out the live stream for the archery competitions. Lots of Hoyt bows, a few Samicks, a couple of Innos. Shibuya sights appear to be the majority. A few Sure-Locs, and a couple of other random choices. And the Koreans just look unstoppable, unflappable, and unbeatable.

On a non-live stream I saw the American men's team lose their opening round match. Have to admit, after hearing and reading about these guys for so long, it was cool to finally see them shoot.

You have to love the Korean cheering section. What a great thing to see people coming out to watch the archery competition. The only people I've had come out to see me were...related to me. I've had friends come shoot with me, but I don't think I've ever actually seen a cheering section, and that includes the two tournaments I've been to.

An 8 closed out this round for Joo Hyun-Jung. And after that, the fans are chanting her name. I can't get over it.

Everyone walks out with two identical bows. Have to have the backup at this level. Of course, they're all sponsored, and no one's paying for their own equipment.

Everyone is right handed.

Four years ago I watched the archery competition in Athens. I just happened to find archery on TV by a random coincidence from my motel room in Arizona. Didn't really understand it, at least not beyond the basics. Now I'm picking out all the different points. Not just the equipment, but the style. "Perfect release." Scored a 10. "You can't hold it that long." Scored a 7 (low for this competition).

They have people pull their arrows for them, who then run them back down the range and hand the arrows to the archers to put back in the quiver. Depths of decadent luxury.

American (Khatuna Lorig) vs. France. Lorig uses a Hoyt bow, with a Shibuya sight. Lorig wins her opening round match 107-105 to advance. American (Khatuna Lorig) vs. Great Britain. Lorig wins her second round match 112-108 to advance to the round of 16.

The Canadian archer is a lefty! Going up against an Indian with an Inno, they both throw down 10-10-9 in the first end. 109-109 (out of a possible 120) after the 12 arrows. Shoot-off time. Lefty Canadian defeats Indian with an Inno 10-8 in the shoot-off. Lefty Canadian in the second round vs. Korean with a Samick. Match up four 9s and a 10 through two ends, but the Korean has a 10 where Lefty Canadian has a 7. Match up 29s in the 3rd end. 10-10-5 to close, against a 10-9-10. Korean defeats Lefty Canadian 114-107. You just can't spot the Koreans a single point. They won't give it back and they will make you pay.

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