Friday, August 15, 2008

2008 Olympic Archery, Part 5

Olympic archery wrap up.

Women's individual competition was an all-Samick affair. Korea took silver and bronze, but a Chinese archer took gold in an upset.

On the men's side, American Vic Wunderle made it through the round of 16, but was eliminated in the quarterfinals.

Men's individual bronze medal match featured Mexico/Hoyt vs. Russia/Inno. Russian closed with a 30 to take the bronze.

Men's final match: Park Kyung-Mo of Korea with a Samick and Shibuya vs. Viktor Ruban of Ukraine with an Inno and a different sight.

Park defeated Luis Gustavo Trainini (Brazil) 116-99, Kuo Cheng Wei (Chinese Taipei) 111-110, Rafal Dobrowolski (Poland) 113-105, Juan Carlos Stevens (Cuba) 108-108 (shoot off), and Juan Rene Serrano (Mexico) 115-112.

Ruban defeated Maged Youssef (Egypt) 111-96, Michael Naray (Australia) 115-105, Jacek Proc (Poland) 114-108, Ryuichi Moriya (Japan) 115-106, and Bair Badenov (Russia) 112-112 (shoot off). Badenov defeated Serrano to take the bronze medal.

1st end: Both open with a 9. Park follows with second one, but Ruban scores a 10. Park adds a 10 on the third arrow, but is matched by Ruban. 29-28 Ruban after 3 arrows.

2nd end: Park starts with a 10, and Ruban scores a 9. Park hits a second 10 to keep the pressure on, and Ruban hits another 9. Park wraps up a perfect 30 end with a third 10. Ruban hits his third 9 in a row. 58-56 Park after 6 arrows. 3 point swing in the second end.

3rd end: 10 for Ruban to open, Park follows suit (his fifth 10 in a row). Ruban scores another 10, while Park hits a 9. 9 for Ruban, 9 for Park. 86-85 Park after 9 of 12 arrows.

4th end: Ruban, down a point, opens with a 9. Park matches it. Ruban hits a second 9. Park hits a 8/9 line shot. Ruban finishes strong with a 10. Park finishes with a 9. The line shot is ruled an 8. 113-112.

Viktor Ruban of the Ukraine, shooting a blue Win&Win Inno, is the Olympic champion.

Ruban: 29-27-29-28 = 113.
Park: 28-30-28-26 = 112.

Korea swept the team archery competitions, and added a pair of silvers and a bronze in the individual ones. China and Ukraine scored the individual golds, with Russia taking the men's individual bronze. Silver and bronze in the team competitions went to Italy and China in the men's competition, and China and France in the women's.

Final thoughts.

The Koreans looked incredible. It seemed that if you spotted them a single point they would beat you into the ground. But both individual archers faltered slightly and came up short in the gold medal matches.

Lot of Innos around the competition, but more Shibuya sights.

Saw a lot of interesting styles and motions. Everyone does something different, but each individual always does it the same way.

The Korean fans are incredible. They drowned out the support for the Americans, and even the host Chinese (whose fans were no slouches either).

Saw some really cool camera work. High speed cameras show the arrow flex as it flies down the range. Because of the 70 meter distance, you can really see the arrow trace an arc, as opposed to the almost straight line it follows down an indoor range. Also saw a view form a pinhole camera in the center of the target. Really makes me want to not piss off an archer. I should make sure everyone I know sees that one.

And one final thought from watching the Olympic archery competition:

I can't wait to get back to the range.

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