Thursday, August 7, 2008

93% Chance that Light is the End of the Tunnel, and Not a Train

Finally. Some good news from a sports medicine doctor. On my follow up appointment, the good doctor said that I can start shooting for real (i.e. with my equipment) in a couple of weeks. Start with 12-15 or so arrows, and work my way up to a full tournament-double. At the same time, I should continue with physical therapy, but he is confident that rest and PT will solve this problem.

Doctor is 98% confident in his diagnosis of a severe rotator cuff strain. And he tells me that 95% of these strains go away on their own (i.e. without surgery). Therefore, I have a 93% chance of this going away on its own as long as I just keep doing what I've been doing. And when I get home, I can keep doing what I enjoy doing: shooting.

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