Saturday, June 7, 2008

Paying Up

So that Saturday, through a combination of excitement and the T working remarkably efficiently, I arrived at Archery USA especially early. So early, in fact, that the training class was still going on. And there, on one of the locking clamps, was my new bow, with an ugly yellow bowstring. Anthony saw me come in, and I think he may have collected some money from the parents in the class by winning a betting pool on my arrival time. Only the riser, limbs, plunger, and arrow rest had arrived at that point. The rest would show up the next weekend. So I got the arrow rest, plunger, and clicker set up, borrowed a stabilizer from Anthony, temporarily moved my sight to the Inno and started pumping arrows into the wall.

The difference between my Samick Mizar and the Win and Win Inno was like night and day. The draw on the Inno was so smooth. The shots near silent, especially when I twisted the bow string up to raise the brace height. This thing was incredible. I couldn't wait to get the rest of my new equipment the next week.

Oh, yeah. And I put the largest ever purchase on my credit card. But it went through, and all I had to do was wait out one...more...week...

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