Saturday, June 14, 2008

Putting it All Together

Got the rest of my new equipment, finally putting together my whole new set. Learned how to put spin wings on carbon arrows. Spent the day pumping arrow after arrow into the wall, and damn did it feel good.

Here's the rundown of the new equipment. An asterisk (*) means that the item is a holdover from my old set.

Win and Win Inno riser, LH, blue.
Win and Win Inno Power limbs, 34#.
Red and blue combination bowstring, handmade at Archery USA.
Shibuya DX plunger button, red.
ARE magnetic arrow rest.
Shibuya Ultima RC Carbon sight, LH, silver.
Doinker stabilizer.
Shibuya folding bow stand, black.
*Beiter clicker.
*Aurora 3-tube quiver, LH, denim.
SKB Compact Recurve bow case.
*Beiter armguard.
*Win and Win 360 Perfect finger tab, LH.
*C.R. Para-Cord finger sling.
Easton A/C/E arrow shafts with pin nocks and LH silver Kurly Vanes.
*Cartel bow square.
*Saunders Recurve bow stringer.

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