Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday's Scores

Once again, I just could not stay away. After a solid first round score (second best ever round), I started my second round. Through 9 ends, I was sitting on a 224. I needed 26 out of the 30 possible points in the final end to reach what had for so long been my goal: 250, Master Archery level.

When the three shots were taken, I was looking down at the target from the line. I could see that one arrow was a 10, and the other two were in the red. It looked like both were in the 8 ring, which would give me 26 points and my goal. When I got up to the target, however, I saw to my complete and utter disappointment that one of the "8s" was actually a 7, giving me 25 points for the end and 249 for the round. I was so close to 250 I could taste it, yet so far away.

It was pretty easy to console myself when I realized that I still set a personal record both for a single end (249) and for a tournament double-round (489).

Score: 240 + 249 = 489.

For my first weekend scoring with the new bow, I set my top 4 single round scores (249, 246, 240, 236) and my top 2 tournament double-round scores (489, 482). Not a bad debut.

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