Friday, May 16, 2008

Formal Proposals

My basic research complete, it was time to make my pitch. I knew that the best chance for me to get the money for a new archery set was to ask the powers-that-be to lend it to me. Initially receptive to the idea, I waited a few excruciating weeks while my proposal was considered and numbers were hammered out.

While this discussion was going on, I was trying to decide what color bow I wanted. Initially, I wanted a cobalt blue Inno. The problem with this was that between the two importers of Win and Win products into the U.S., Lancaster Archery Supply and Greatree Archery, only Greatree had even seen a cobalt blue Inno, and that only once at an archery trade show. They did, however, have a blue, left handed Inno, and the 34 pound Inno Power limbs that I wanted, in stock. And they were giving Anthony the right of first refusal on my behalf should someone else try to order it. I really had my heart set on the cobalt blue, though. At least until I saw what "blue" actually meant to Win and Win. The pictures I saw of "blue" where this uninspired and uninteresting light blue bow. When a different Win and Win bow, not the Inno, but a different model, arrived at Archery USA, Anthony showed it to me. This was no ordinary uninspiring blue. This was a deep, almost royal, blue. I was sold.

A few weeks later, I got a phone call from the powers-that-be during a break in class giving me the go ahead, that my funding was in place. I immediately put in a phone call to Anthony (and followed it up with an email due to the possibility that my excitement made the message incoherent) saying that we were go to get the bow. The bow would arrive that weekend. As if waiting out my classes for the week wasn't hard enough.

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