Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Slight Downturn, and an Ominous Occurence

Lower scores today. Not sure why. Had some frustrations with the way the line was being run. Felt like a sprinter in the blocks just before a race, where the starter says "set" and then keeps everyone waiting for way too long before firing the gun. We kept getting the command for "on line," but then the person running the line took the time to answer a ton of questions, leaving us waiting for him to say "begin." He could just as easily (and much more conveniently) answered their questions between ends, or while they were shooting.

More important than frustration, however, are the first indications of potential problems. Friday I tweaked a muscle in my upper left of my back. It stopped hurting, but was still noticeable. Also, drawing back the bow for a few ends, I felt a pain in my left (drawing) forearm. Not sure what this was about.

Score: 227 + 232 = 459.

The good news: My worst scores with the Inno are better than my best scores with the Mizar.

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