Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hunting for Targets

So the great target search continues.

I'm sick of just shooting at target butts. If I am going to fine tune this 70 meter thing, I need a target to aim at to make some adjustments (and to see if I actually need v-bars). So instead of passively driving by the SF Archery Shop every weekend and hoping for the best, this week I took action.

A few nights ago, I picked up the phone and left a message at the shop, asking if they actually had targets available. They called me back and said that they do have one (1) 122 cm target available, and they do sell target pins, although I didn't get a price. The 122 sells for $7.50 normally, but this one was used.

"You know, I'm going to be beating up this target, so I don't know if I want one that's already beat up."

"Oh don't worry, it just has..." [pause while he checks the target] "...about six holes."

We also talked about when I might actually catch him at the store. He said if I went by when he was "open," and he was at the range, he has a sign on the store saying to call his cell phone. Well, I tried that last Monday, and couldn't reach anyone on the number.

Not a big fan of this semi-successful back-and-forth, I placed another call that night, to Pacifica Archery. With no problems, and a brief but productive conversation, I found out that they have 122s on sale for $6, and sell target pins for $1 each. For $10 plus tax, I'll be out the door with exactly what I need.

Pacifica, here I come.

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