Thursday, October 2, 2008

Signs from the Gods

So at long last I get to chronicling my archery misadventures from last weekend. One mishap after another led to zero arrows being fired from any distance. First, massive traffic gave me a frustrating slow drive across the city, across the park, and out into the Richmond, heading for the archery shop.

The web site for the shop said they were open 1-6 on Saturdays. The sign on the shop itself said they were open from some time in the morning (10? 11? 11:30?) until 6 on Saturdays. I got there around 3. The place was closed. Translation? No 122 cm target for an Olympic round.

On to the range. Still figured I would get some practice in at 70 meters. Get myself comfortable there and get some arrows off. But it was not to be. Unlocked the right latch on my archery case, but the left one is jammed. Sat struggling with it for a while. Even broke off one of my keys (don't worry, there are two identical ones). The fun part is I still can't get to my bow or arrows or anything else in there until I get that latch unlocked. Have to get in touch with SKB and get it taken care of.

Between the traffic and the closed shop and the jammed lock, maybe someone was trying to tell me something. I'm just not in the habit of listening when I'm being told to not shoot.

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