Friday, May 2, 2008

Archery Takes Off, Part 2: Becoming a Known Quantity

After showing up and shooting at Archery USA week after week, I started to be known by Anthony and his employees. I always showed up at roughly the same time on Saturdays, shot for an hour and a half, spent some time talking with the people there, and then being on my way back to Boston. I got a new bowstring, as the one that came with my bow was susceptible to stretching out while I was shooting, and occasionally picked up little things like replacement nocks for my arrows.

Going to Archery USA repeatedly, it was no easy task to stay anonymous. Not that I was trying to. The people there were nice and friendly, offering tips on my form when the need arose. And they trusted me. I started to help birthday parties with their opening end, started to answer some questions when the range's employees were busy, and sometimes even got to share in the tips the parties gave the actual range employees. Times were pretty good for me at the range, and archery really became my refuge from classes and readings and homework. And on top of that, I was getting better, which is always a plus.

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