Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Thoughts on the Subject

A few random thoughts, organized relatively randomly.

Last week, through 6 ends, I had 150 points. This week, through six ends, I had 115 (added up after I gave up on scoring). So I stopped scoring and just started shooting. Once I didn't care any more, among other ends, I hit a 29, missing a 30 by about the width of a vane (maybe 2 widths). Just a mechanical day, I guess.

Range was crowded with back to back to back parties. Same thing coming up this weekend. Anthony put an add in some Boston parents' magazine, and it is more than paying for itself. I'm glad to see business coming to the range, especially in the current economic climate.

I'll be helping that business this weekend. Finally going to complete (?) my set and pick up some v-bars. Probably going to be a Shibuya quick-release block and Doinker bars to match my stabilizer. Will know more after this weekend. Product report next week.

The past few weeks I've taken a couple of trips down to the neighborhood bar to throw some darts. Apparently I like projectiles of all kinds. Archery we all know, and this dart thing is pretty good, too. I've been taking a lefty archer's stance, but I have to throw right handed. I think what I need to do is practice throwing darts aiming with my left eye and throwing with my right hand. Also need to find a good place to throw darts in San Francisco when I get back home. I think the Philosopher's Club has a board. We'll have to see.

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