Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mechanically Inclined

Only scored half a round this past Saturday. Opened with my usual 23, and the next 4 ends took me to a 113. With no consistency, clearly I was having some problems with my shooting, so I decided to drop the scoring and work on my shot mechanics instead.

And wouldn't know you know it, my grip was wrong. I have had a long standing problem where the way I hold the bow "kicks up" at the end of a shot, sending the arrow higher on the target. I have partially compensated for this problem, but it only appears from time to time when my shots start to slip. One of the range employees watched me shoot, reset my grip on the bow, and it looks like he may have helped my drop the kick-up for another cycle. We'll see what happens this weekend at the range. Hopefully I'll have better scores to record.

On another topic, the range has finally set up and installed a delayed video system. An archer can take a shot, and a few seconds later, the image will appear on the screen. Great way to actually see what you are doing. Instant feedback, as it were. Last weekend it was only set up for right handed archers. Supposed to be set ambidextrous this weekend, so I should have a chance to see what I'm doing. Good times to be had by all. And because the system is in its infancy, I may even be able to use it for free.

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