Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Counting to 15

Spent a long time at the range before finally getting set up to shoot. When I got settled on the line, I finally broke my streak of opening-end 23s. Started right on pace at 25, and moved on from there. Finished my first half with a 121, just 4 points behind 250 pace. Had a good size drop off in the second half, but I was able to pull off 110 points for a 231 total. A 4 point improvement on last week.

After a short break, with my shoulder seemingly holding up well, I decided to go ahead and try another few ends and see how it goes. Opened again with a 25, but dropped off significantly after that. Finished five ends with a 111. Not a great score, but the point was more that I was able to shoot 15 ends, and I did not have any lasting effects on my shoulder this week.

Bottom line for the week, solid but not great scores, but I'm finally putting the last six months of limited shooting behind me.

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