Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Physical Therapy

Had my first PT appointment (for my shoulder) today. Started out with a bunch of range-of-motion and pain-level tests. Diagnosis? Rotator cuff tendinitis. Tests followed by a warm compress to loosen it up, then a shoulder massage (eerily reminiscent of the ITB massages I used to get and hate), and some strengthening exercises with a stretch band. All topped off with an ice pack covering an electronic pulse machine.

No archery this weekend. That's the word once and for all. Don't think I'll even go to Dedham. I told Anthony one time (when he hadn't seen me take my time on the shooting line) that I wasn't going to go all the way out there to not shoot. After last weekend, I guess I have to modify that: I'm not going to go all the way out to Dedham when I know I can't shoot.

What's the good news in all this? There's no tear.

Sports medicine doctor tomorrow, although the rumor at the PT shop is that his prescription will be PT.

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