Saturday, July 12, 2008

Failure to Launch, but Feeling Showy

Skipped last Sunday to rest my shoulder (and watch the Wimbledon final). Went back to the range today, but just could not get anything done. Set up my bow and went out to the line. Drew my first arrow for my first warm up end, fired, and felt it in my shoulder. Fired a second arrow...."Damn it." Shot a third..."There's just no way." I put the bow down and collected my arrows. There was just no way I could shoot with the pain in my shoulder. Spent a few ends shooting a 20# draw house bow (as opposed to my 34# draw), and didn't feel any new pain, but my shoulder still hurt from just those few shots on my bow.

Anthony came out onto the range and asked if I wanted to take a road trip with him to another range up in Acton. A former colleague of his had purchased a range that they used to work at, and Anthony wanted to show him some Win and Win bows. Anthony had a different model to show him, but since I had the only Inno, he asked if I would come along and bring my bow with me. Since I wasn't going to be shooting any more, I decided to tag along.

Took a nice little drive along some Massachusetts roads I hadn't seen (since I don't have a car), and arrived at this unimpressive little building. But when you walk in, even with the ceiling over the lanes unfinished, and boxes of ancient equipment everywhere, there was clearly something good happening there. So Anthony showed the new owners the bows, talked about running an archery business for a while, and then we headed back down the road to Archery USA.

On the way to the bus to get back to Boston, with my shoulder still hurting, I finally accepted that I may be in more trouble than I thought. Time to go back to the doctor, and maybe even to a sports medicine specialist. I'll make the call tomorrow.

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