Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Little Historical Diversion

When I was back in San Diego, Elisa and I would not just shoot at targets for score, or shoot at pumpkins, or dollar bills, or the occasional balloon. We also developed our own archery games. One of them, was an archery version of curling. Today, I found a Wikipedia page on different archery games, and decided to add curling to it.


Developed by two friends in San Diego, California, the scoring is identical to the rules of traditional curling. Archers fire an equal number of arrows (usually 3 or 5) at the same target. Each arrow an archer places closer to the center of the target than his opponent's best shot scores 1 point.

Elisa and I would play semi-regularly, and almost always frustrate the hell out of each other. One of us (often me) would have a series of decent-to-good shots, clearly outshooting the other overall. The other (usually Elisa), would have a series of mediocre shots, and one awesome shot that wiped out most or all of the scoring chances of the decent-to-good shots. Of course, we would both frustrate each other this way, but as I remember it, Elisa would keep gaining one or two points at a time, and because she kept outshooting me with one arrow, I could never close the gap. The rare occasions when I was able to turn the tables were satisfying indeed.

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