Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A Little History, Part 9: Taking the Plunge

After the L.A. Indoor, the next big archery-related event for me was a trip with some friends to Las Vegas. After parlaying a $10 bet in roulette into a nice little bankroll, I had about $300 in profits after covering my costs for the trip. What does this have to do with archery, you ask? Well, nothing. Nothing, that is, until I found a decent entry level archery set for $300. Sounded like a good graduation gift to get for myself, especially having decided that I was going to keep on pursuing this archery thing for a long time to come.

So I put in my order, and close to the end of spring quarter, a package showed up at my apartment containing a Samick Mizar riser, Samick Agulla limbs, and a bowstring. I then bought a set of arrows, a bowstand, carrying case, finger tab, arm guard, arrow rest, plunger, sight, and stabilizer. Around this time, Lloyd had secured for Elisa a used riser through one of his private students. So at the end of spring quarter, and on throughout the summer, the two of us were shooting our own bows on the range every Wednesday. We even considered entering the Cal State Games, but the extra distance (we were used to 20-40 yards, not 70-90 meters) led us to not enter the competition.

And then my time in San Diego came to a close, and I packed my bow, along with the rest of my life, into my car and hit the road.

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